Monday, 21 January 2008

MacWorld Wash-up

As the dust has now settled, it's time to review how Mac Predictions did in anticipating MacWorld announcements. This blog certainly got people's attention, with some even mistakenly suggesting that Mac Predictions was an Apple plant! But not all of our predictions were prescient. Whilst we scored some points (in particular, being amongst the first to anticipate the name MacBook Air), some predictions are yet to materialise, whilst others now seem unlikely in the light of what has been announced. Here's a quick summary.

  • The MacBook Air name. OK, so the name was a pretty easy guess after those "something in the air" posters went up. Nonetheless, this blog was amongst the first to put two and two together, and it's remarkable how may people claimed that Apple would never come up with such a "dumb name".
  • Apple TV Update. We made several predictions in this area - but only two proved to be correct: movie rentals and price cuts. Other changes over the next twelve months now look unlikely, except for a possible update to the Apple Remote (most likely to happen in August, when new iPods are announced).
  • iPhone SMS to multiple recipients. Whilst most of our iPhone predictions are yet to materialise, we were on the money with addressing SMS messages to multiple recipients.
  • Induction charging. It was a neat ideal, but ultimately it was not to be. Since the Air is fairly standard-sized (albeit thin) notebook, docking don't seem to be a big issue. Apple's optical drive sharing provides an elegant solution to the absence of an optical drive.
  • Sub-notebook design. Our prediction of white keys on an aluminium base, with a black glossy frame around the display proved to be wrong. The keyboard does have black plastic keys, however - a much needed switch from cheap-looking silvery plastic, in Mac Predictions opinion!

Still to come
Several predictions in this blog have not yet com to pass, but remain likely in the future:
  • DRM-free iTunes store
  • Talking iPhones
  • iPhone three new icons
  • iPhone - MMS, Copy & Paste, Search, To Dos, Sending Contacts Syncing Notes

The keynote contains many hidden clues for future directions from Apple - over the coming weeks, Mac Predictions will explore these in greater detail.

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