Sunday, 24 February 2008

Apple Store Watch – iPod Touch is hot, iPhone is not

Here’s a geeky idea for an occasional feature on MacPredictions. This is a rough floor layout of the Apple Store on Regent Street, London UK (as of 23/02/08). You can tell the products that Apple wants to push, since they’re positioned towards the front of the store (indicated in red). You can see the products that customers are interested, based on the relative crowds in each product area (blue circles). There’s always a bias towards Macs, since many people just mill around the store checking their e-mail. Nonetheless, it’s clear right now that Apple’s pushing the Macbook Air, and shoppers seem interested. Apple’s also pushing the iPod Touch in preference to the iPhone, which is now bizarrely tucked at the back of the store. It seems both Apple and shoppers are in agreement that iPod Touch is hotter than iPhone right now. See previous post for a possible solution!


  1. Wouldn't it also be true that the back of the store is where you place products that sell themselves more readily? After all, SOMETHING has to go back there.

  2. Hi Skorry. I take your point. And indeed the iPhone was always located towards the back of the Regent Street store - even at launch. It's particularly evident at the moment though that iPod Touch has a much more prominent display than iPhone... but we should take care what conclusions we draw from this.