Wednesday, 27 February 2008

SDK = Strangely Dull Keynote

It’s ironic that whilst Apple normally uses its invitation teasers to build excitement and speculation in the run up to a Stevenote, today’s SDK invitation is designed to do the opposite. First, it makes clear that the focus will be on enterprise software – which means corporate messaging, VPNs and so on. Hardly exciting fodder for most iPhone fans. Second, the roadmap clearly shows an SDK announcement followed by a software update. Indeed, the whole use of the term roadmap seems to be in the special “peace process” sense, meaning don’t get your hopes up that anything will happen anytime soon.

So it seems likely that all we’ll get next week is a demo of forthcoming enterprise technology (e.g. Blackberry/Notes/Exchange/VPN support), and a kit for developers with a promise of 3rd party software sales via iTunes this summer. Ho-hum. Nothing to see here, move along!

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