Monday, 3 March 2008

Analyst predictions: UBS vs RBC Capital Markets [Updated]

MacPredictions loves to keep a close eye on analysts. It's always amusing to see what they're getting up to - especially when they go head-to-head on the Mac Prediction front. In the ring tonight - UBS versus RBC Capital Markets. What's at stake? The release date for the 3G iPhone.

AppleInsider reports that UBS are predicting that the 3G iPhone will be released this Summer, sporting a new chip solution from Infineon (nice touch with the extra detail there). Whilst MacNN reports that RBC Capital Markets are predicting a delay to the iPhone's launch, due to testing and fine-tuning on partner networks (another nice detail to add credibility). But who is right?

Admittedly, since Apple has not announced the 3G iPhone, it's uncertain what a "delay" may mean in practice. However, if the 3G iPhone does come out this summer, that's one point for UBS, if not, then the honours go to RBC. MacPredictions is keeping a score card - we'll let you know how things develop.

Look who's just leapt into the ring - it's Citigroup's Richard Gardner, who has apparently just returned from a trip to Taiwan (again with the convincing details) citing sources indicating the launch of a 3G iPhone in Q2 (as reported by Silicon Alley). Since we're already in Apple's 2008 Q2 (their year starts in October), we assume this means calendar quarter Q2 - an even earlier ETA. Who will win this battle of the banks? Mac Predictions can hardly wait. 

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