Saturday, 1 March 2008

“Touch OS X” - Branding Apple’s Handheld OS [Picture]

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch SDK this week (albeit probably still in Beta), it’s surely time for the company to sort out the branding of its mobile OS. Currently, Apple refers to the system that iPhone and iPod Touch share as “OS X”, (sometimes mistakenly referred to by journalists as “Mac OS X”). And as anyone writing about Apple knows, it’s a real mouthful to keep referring to “iPhone and iPod Touch”. The problem will presumably only get worse as Apple releases even more products running their handheld OS – “iPhone, iPhone Nano, iPod Touch and iTablet” will hardly trip off the tongue. And software developers will need a snappy name to describe what their apps run on – not just a list of devices.

It therefore seems inescapable that Apple will need to review its mobile branding strategy, and our money is on “Touch OS X”. It seems like there’s no better time to make the switch than at this week’s forthcoming SDK Keynote. As usual, the mockups on this page are just for fun, and MacPredictions has no inside sources.

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