Saturday, 12 April 2008

Entire MacBook lineup (13.3”, 15” and 17”) to get Air-styling [Mockup]

Mac Predictions has been saying for some time now that Apple is likely to redesign the MacBook Pro to follow the styling of the new MacBook Air. Apple Insider provided support for that view this week, citing a source that claims the entire MacBook line including the 13.3” MacBook will receive the new look, which reflects both the Air and the new iMac.

Whilst the 13.3” MacBook enclosure is not showing its age to the same extent as the MacBook Pro, it certainly feels like an Apple-style move to go for a bold revision of the entire line in one fell swoop. Here’s a speculative visual to see how that might look. As you can see, we’re guessing that the new MacBook and MacBook Pro will take their cues more from the Air than the iMac.

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  1. The whole design of Air is under question and it's functionality is doubtful. Luckily this reshape never brought the Pro to complete Air standard.