Monday, 9 June 2008

iPhone 3G Keynote Washup

Almost a month ago, MacPredictions posted our predictions for this keynote. And at the risk of sounding smug - we did pretty well - here’s a summary:

  • One model, not two
  • Front looks the same as previous model
  • No front-camera for video calls
  • Fakes were fake!
  • .Mac push service for iPhone

  • GPS
  • Metal enclosure
  • Thinner (it looks a little thinner because of the new shape, but it's actually a bit thicker - doh!)

Way back in December last year, we speculated that the iPhone’s price was an obstacle to international sales, and somehow Apple would have to budge - it’s taken them a while, but we believe the new, more aggressive pricing, combined with the 3G functionality will finally start delivering the kind of stratospheric sales that this device truly deserves.

There’ll be more than a little disappointment on the Mac Rumors forums that no new Macbooks were announced. That’s perhaps not such a surprise, given Intel’s recent delays. We can still expect to see the new family of Macbooks showing up at some point this Summer.

It will be interesting to see what this afternoon’s session on 10.6 “Snow Leopard” brings. (Oh yeah, we were wrong about that one - can’t win ‘em all!)

UPDATE: Very interesting that the newly updated UK Apple website features a different headline to the American site - it says "The iPhone you've been waiting for." This seems almost a tacit admission that sales in the UK were disappointing, and that this is due to price and lack of 3G support.

UPDATEx2: OK, so it's a stupid detail, but as predicted, iCards will finally be discontinued with the launch of Mobile Me.


  1. "Thinner"

    The iPhone 3G is not thinner than the original iPhone, its a tad thicker, just more rounded and tapered to obscure it.

  2. Sorry - fair point. I've corrected that now.

  3. Why would you say you're wrong about GPS, when it actually has GPS?

  4. Because I predicted that it wouldn't have GPS. Can't win them all!