Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sorry to flip-flop on this one, but excellent detective work at Mac Rumors is pointing to Apple as the new owners of This would be a great name for an upgraded .Mac service - it’s short, and catchy, and it makes sense as a name for an IMAP push e-mail service, since users' e-mail addresses could end in It has the potential to be a really big brand, which Apple could push in a similar way to Microsoft with their “Live” moniker. If Apple pursues this strategy, then “Mobile Me” is likely to be a constituent part of the overall package - specifically relating to iPhone services.

Of course, for Apple, .me (dot-me) might have been an even more tempting name (and who knows, maybe they’ll still may go with it) but since it’s the country code top level domain for Montenegro (CCTLD), it’s unlikely they’ll get hold of it any time soon.

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