Saturday, 7 June 2008

3G iPhone mockups are fakes

There are some images doing the rounds this weekend, claiming to reveal the new iPhone 3G. They’ve been sent to CruchGear, Engadget and MacRumors by an anonymous source. Whilst they are excellent speculative mockups, they’re not real - and here’s why:

Attention to detail:
  • The screens don’t feature a 3G icon top-left
  • Apple normally uses Johnny Appleseed in this kind of context
  • Video area is square (more likely to be 4x3)
  • iChat icon is for Mac app - should be square button-style
  • Apple is unlikely to use an Exchange logo in this context

Spelling and typos:
  • Wi-Fi is capitalized incorrectly, and missing a hyphen
  • Windows XP is capitalized incorrectly
  • (PRODUCT) RED is written incorrectly

Missing elements:
  • Red iPhone is missing it’s top button
  • Grey iPhone is missing it’s dock connector

  • No take-down letter from Apple legal!

Having said all that, they are great mockups, and there’s a lot that rings true: Mac Predictions also believes that the front of the phone will look the same as the current model. The tapering shape at the back rings true - reflecting the bulging design trend that we’ve commented on before. It appears to be thinner than the current model - which we’ve also predicted. The absence of a black plastic area on the back is probably intended to indicate that Apple are exercising their zirconia mobile phone enclosure patent, which seems plausible. However, we still don’t believe the video conferencing rumor - and the image of Carlos in Times Square perfectly illustrates the problem. Despite Mayor Giuliani’s attempt to clean up the area, if you wave around a fancy gadget at arms length in mid-town Manhattan, you can expect to lose it in seconds! Plus, the positioning of the front-facing camera looks downright ugly!

All in all, we think it’s a great mockup, but we’re not convinced it’s the real thing.

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