Friday, 6 June 2008

WWDC Banners

9 to 5 Mac have posted a great photo of the WWDC banners that apparently went up at the Moscone Center in San Francisco today. As usual, the banners visible before the keynote don't give much away, although there are some clues to the wise.

Firstly, they show an iPhone that looks almost identical to the current model - perhaps the only change to the form factor of the 3G model will be that it's slightly thinner?

Secondly, they refer to "OS X Leopard" and "OS X iPhone" - which indicates a new direction in Apple's branding for OS X - not quite the departure that Mac Predictions had envisaged, but certainly an improvement. Prominent reference to Leopard also indicates that all this talk of 10.6 may be premature.

As usual, with these WWDC banners, we can play icon bingo, but it seems that most of the icons this year are easily identifiable, apart from an odd rectangular blue icon bottom-right. If anyone knows what that is, please post your thoughts in the comments.

Mac Predictions has edited the original image to adjust for perspective distortions, which should put pay to any rumors that the iPhone and Macbook Air are funny shapes - they're not.

UPDATE: Whilst some has speculated that dropping "Mac" from Mac OS X, combined with renaming ".Mac" as "" indicates that Apple may be preparing to release OS X for PC, Mac Predictions does not believe this. The repositioning of the Mac brand is simply to make OS X and .Mac platform-neutral so that they apply equally well to Macs and iPhones. Mac sales are doing so well that the moment, it seems inconceivable that Apple would at this point choose to undermine their hardware sales by licensing the OS to other PC manufacturers - OS X is Apple's crown jewels - Dell won't be getting their hands on it any time soon.


  1. it looks like on the rectangular blue icon it says "E=mc^2"

  2. I think you're right - I can just make that out, now that you mention it! Maybe a logo for some kind of physics engine in the Cocoa Touch SDK?

  3. Pretty sure the "blue icon" is a Send button

  4. are you sure, that this is a macbook air on the banner???
    it looks a bit too thick. maybe a new macbook pro (finally)? ;)

  5. I wish it was a Macbook Pro too :)

    In all seriousness, I think the fact that they have a 1st Gen iPhone and a MacBook Air on that banner may indicate that they look very similar to whatever else may be announced. We'll see on Monday!