Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Apple’s 2008 9-icon multi-touch iPod lineup [mockup]

Following on from MacPredictions previous post, where we speculated that Apple might introduce a 9 icon variant of the iPhone OS, for the Nano and Classic iPod lines, here’s a mockup to illustrate how they might appear. The iPhone interface combined with a smaller form-factor, could make the unloved classic, with up to 160GB, a popular choice once again.


  1. That is seriously awesome. You rock at photoshop.

  2. Nice blog and nice mockups all 'round! The iPod touch on the right should lay off the steroids!

    I'd say that Apple's use of the 'Classic' is strictly meant for a rectangular player akin to the iPhone.app icon. It will likely remain the grandma-proof iPod that bridges the lineup with its traditional controls and unrivaled HDD capacities.

    Today's iLounge rumor points us towards a tall Nano. Its screen's resolution would have to be 1.5:1 to keep the click wheel. But wait, it's also the same res sported by its touchscreen brethren...

  3. I don't think they'll abandon the click-wheel, at least not on the Classic; but a digital representation of the click-wheel on a larger touchscreen would be awesome (though perhaps smudge prone). And FYI: Am I the only one who LOVES the hi capacity Classic? How can you people fit all your music, video and photos on the smaller ones? My Classic is an 80GB model and with 3GB of tunes, 6GB of photos and the rest devoted to "must have" movies for traveling, I still only have 2GB free.