Monday, 14 July 2008

Commenting on unannounced products? Pinch me!

In a short, but extraordinarily revealing interview with Greg Joswiak, head of iPod and iPhone product marketing, Joswiak gives Extremetech the lowdown on three burning questions about the future of iPhone: cut and paste, GPS driving directions (aka speech synthesis) and office productivity suites (think iWork Touch). MacPredictions is still heady with excitement that three of this blog’s favourite topics could be discussed so openly by such a senior Apple staffer.

In a nutshell, cut and paste is coming, so are GPS driving directions (and therefore, presumably, speech synthesis services) and Jowsiak sees no obstacles for the development of 3rd party office suites, except perhaps the absence of a “cross-application file structure.” Sadly, Extremetech did not apparently get a chance to ask the obvious follow-up questions - when will you introduce a Finder-style file browser, and will Apple produce an iWork suite for iPhone. Nonetheless, in one blog posting, Extremetech have given us more than we often get in an entire keynote. I think I need to go and find somewhere to lie down now.
(link via MacNN)

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