Sunday, 27 July 2008

Where are Apple’s diminishing margins going? A new 9-icon multi-touch iPod Classic and iPod Nano (“iPod Air”)

In Apple’s quarterly analyst conference call this week, the most interesting morsel to be throw to the company's sometimes loyal flotilla of commentators and pundits, was the forecast that margins would diminish in the coming quarter as a result of an unannounced product.

The most likely contender to be eating away at Apple’s healthy margins this quarter is a new iPod, since these are typically announced in the August/September timeframe. This blog continues to believe that the iPod Nano will be the next product to receive Apple’s multi-touch magic, with a stripped-down version of the iPhone OS, based upon a smaller nine icon screen. We also believe that this nine-icon interface could be introduced to the iPod Classic, meaning that the iconic click-wheel interface could finally be retired from Apple’s lineup.


  1. can you make a mockup of the 9-icon
    multitouch ipod classic?

    that would be awesome!

  2. Good idea. I'll get on the case.

  3. They should never leave a direct button format. I can't use my iphone like a normal ipod because you cannot feel the controls, for example like when I'm doing something else like driving and want to skip to the next song, or pause.