Sunday, 31 August 2008

Apple to quietly launch new Macbook Pro via website, rather than press event?

Ars Technica cites “grapevine” sources claiming that Macbook and iMac updates may not be launched via a big press event. This seems very plausible to Mac Predictions. After all, when Apple launched the first Intel Macbooks, which introduced a brand new enclosure, glossy screens and a built-in iSight camera, this was done with minimal fanfare and a simple press release in May 2006. It’s quite plausible that the new Macbook Pro will get a similar low-key launch, with Phil Shiller taking a few press enquires by telephone, and not much more. Dare we trot out that old Mac Rumors forum classic “new Macbook Pros on Tuesday”?

Update x2: Since the Hurricane Gustav crisis seems to be over, Apple will presumably be able to proceed with any PR activities as planned.


  1. This is taking longer that what I had expected. Can't wait for it to come out though :p~

    Loving your blog. Keep up the great work, and keep us posted ;)

  2. "Update: Clearly, Apple will need to delay any announcements out of respect to those affected by the situation in New Orleans." Are you serious? I don't mean to be disrespectful, but whats that got to do with it?

  3. Hi Peter,

    Agreed that the situation in Louisiana isn't related to Apple's announcements, but any company needs to take care in a time of national emergency, when it considers what messages it is putting out. It would be wise for Apple to wait until the storm has passed before making announcements.

    From a PR perspective, it looks bad for an organisation to be promoting its own narrow interests, whilst elsewhere in the country a crisis is affecting millions. It makes the organisation look complacent - that's why the Republican Party had to make changes to their National Convention.