Monday, 25 August 2008

The perfect Mac OS X desktop background?

Where do you find the perfect desktop background for Mac OS X? In an old copy of “The Art of Industrial Light and Magic”, or some rare background art from “Star Trek: The Animated Series?” No.

In a rare aesthetic mis-step, Apple selected a fake pink nebula for Leopard’s default desktop background. I’d like to think that Steve Jobs is devoting a great deal of time to this thorny question: where do you find the perfect desktop background for Mac OS X? Well Steve, if you’re reading this, here’s the answer...

On a spring morning, when the air is crisp, the sky is blue, and the breeze is light, take a short ferry trip from Toronto's Ferry Docks to Center Island. Walk out onto the pier, until your field of vision is entirely consumed by the tranquil beauty of Lake Ontario. Take a picture. Job done.

I’ve been using Lake Ontario as a desktop background for many months, and I’m please to say that my pink nebula migraines are now but a distant memory.

Don’t allow your Leopard experience to be marred with the uncomfortable feeling that you’re living in an episode of Voyager, where Janeaway has foolhardily entered another mysterious nebula, with no means of escape. Plot a course out immediately. Download my Toronto pic here - or check out Mac Prediction’s reader Annelie Rosencrantz’s gallery. Got any other ideas? Please send them in.