Saturday, 23 August 2008

So do we believe Kevin this time?

It’s hard not to like Kevin Rose. He seems such a likable guy, and for some reason, it’s pretty effortless to waste an hour of my left each week watching Kevin and Alex get drunk whilst talking inanely about absolutely nothing. But likability is not the issue. The question is - what are his Apple rumor credentials?

It’s very hard to say. He has a hit and miss track record on Apple rumors - a lot of what he predicts come true, and a lot of it doesn’t. My personal opinion is that KR is not the kind of guy to make stuff up, and so if he says he has sources, he probably does. With his talent for drinking alcohol, I’m guessing that when he gets predictions wrong, it’s because he’s not listening to his sources closely enough, or he’s embellishing what they tell him with what he considers reasonable assumptions (e.g. two batteries for the original iPhone, and a front-mounted camera for the iPhone 3G - hmm).

Anyway, KR’s spy shots of the new Nano look very convincing. Roll-on Apple’s annual music special event.

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