Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Apple Music Event invite arrives on schedule, but sadly not in our inbox. [Update]

OK, so no new Macbook Pro on Apple's website yet, but MacPredictions was right about the Music Event invite. Sure, it was a pretty obvious guess, but hey...

So now we have another bone to chew on. What clues are hidden in this new invite image? The "Let's Rock" caption reminds me of Twin Peaks, but I'm sure that's not what Apple are alluding to. Sadly, I think they're just trying to be hep.

The use of the current iPod interface, however, is more of a clue, since it may indicate that the UI will not be changing as much as this blog had anticipated. The use of an image from the current ad campaign - not dissimilar from that of last year's invite - may indicate that the marketing is not changing much either. So what's new?

On closer examination, the UI is not altogether the same - the star ratings do not normally appear in that position, and the progress bar at the bottom would normally have time elapsed on the left of it and time remaining on the right. I suspect, however, that rather than hinting at things to come, this is merely creative license on the part of Apple's PR department.

9to5 Mac are arguing that the jumping guy is holding a 4G "Kevin Rose" nano, but this could just as easily be a current 3G nano held at a bit of an angle.

Aw shucks - there don't seem to be any clues in there after all. Role on September 9th.

Update: Upon reflection, it strikes me that "Let's Rock" may be an oblique reference to the accelerometer in the iPod Touch. Maybe it's going to be introduced to the rest of the iPod line. It would come in use for the "Kevin Rose" Nano, detecting when to switch to landscape mode. It could also introduce a new gestural interface component - rocking from left to right could be used to go forward and backwards between tracks on a new Shuffle that only requires a single button to enable/disable rocking gestures. You could even shake the shuffle to enter shuffle mode.

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  1. There is a clue in there...check the aspect ratio of the "now playing" image... It would seem that a landscape nano is in store!