Sunday, 5 October 2008

The brick has landed

9to5Mac have finally "revealed" their rumor. I can't help thinking that we're getting as much hype about the rumors as we are about the actual product announcements these days, but I guess that's just the strangely recursive world of the blogosphere.

Turns out Brick refers to tooling a solid block of aluminum with lasers in order to fabricate an enclosure for new Macbook. Furthermore, this work will be carried out at an purpose built manufacturing plant, owned by Apple, using proprietary technology. It's no wonder that this slipped out before the Apple event, since keeping an entire factory a secret would be a challenge for any organization.

Whilst this is quite an amazing rumor, the hype surrounding this whole "brick" business will doubtless result in some users on the MacRumors message boards moaning about it for weeks to come (you know the sort of thing).


  1. i am not sure about this... wouldn't that be a huge waste of aluminum if from a brick only the cover would be left?

    however, i think that THIS is the brick: