Saturday, 18 October 2008

The rumor-recession begins

We've enjoyed a boom in terms of Apple news in the last few weeks. We got greedy, and now comes the crunch. The sad fact is that we're now entering an Apple rumor-recession, and we can't expect a bail out from the authorities in Cupertino any time soon.

Talk of Snow Leopard's Cocoa apps, and speed bumps for iMacs is thin gruel. There's nothing for it but for us to tighten our belts and weather the winter, and hope that MacWorld 2009 brings us something new. But what? iLife'09? Jobs jamming with John Mayer again? It's hard to see what we now have to look forward to.

The future looks bleak, and we at MacPredictions want to do our bit to re-invigorate the rumorshere. There's one product that we can think of that we love to bits and is surely due for an update... iPod Socks. Yes, they're fabulously stylish and perfect for keeping your treasured iPod scratch-free. But they're a little tight for an iPhone, yet a little too big for a nano. And those colours are so last season... so outré.

We give you... the socks that every iPod and iPhone will be wearing Spring 2009.


  1. Socks?! I think we can do better than that! You realize that January will be here in NO time flat; it's less than three months away. So here are some juicy tidbits from a very reliable source* regarding Macworld:

    1. Snow Leopard will bring AMAZING improvements in performance when combined with the new Nvidia chipsets.

    2. The introduction of a SECOND iPhone. It will be the phone for people who do not want, or cannot afford, to pay for unlimited data type plans. They want an Apple phone that doubles as a great iPod, runs Apps and syncs iCal and Contacts. It won't be a real internet device. It will not cost much less, if any, to buy, but will save loads on the monthly AT&T bill. It will sell millions because not everyone can afford a $75+ monthly contract.

    3. The introduction of a mini-computer that looks like a bigger iPod Touch or iPhone. Instead of a 3.5 inch screen it'll be at least 4.5 inches. Still pocket sized. The Tablet PC redefined.

    *Where by "reliable source" I mean I am making this stuff up but I believe it's true.

  2. Hi Scott. Thanks for the pep-talk ;)

    I think Apple have made a great choice in focusing on quality & performance rather than features for Snow Leopard. I only hope it's a free update, or there will be tears!

    A second iPhone is an interesting, and much speculated idea. The main problem I can see with it is that it would have to run iPhone OS X, and that sets a baseline from which it would be hard to make a cheaper device than the existing iPhone. If anything, I could envisage an improved premium iPhone, with a better camera, 32GB of memory and a smaller form factor (albeit the same screen size). I can't see Apple releasing anything like that until next Summer, or else they'll have recent iPhone 3G purchasers up in arms.

    I have to confess, I'm doubtful about the idea of a mini Tablet PC - I know a lot of Apple fans are really keen on the idea, but I don't think that there's a big enough market for such as device, and Job's answers in last week's Q&A session indicate that they're not planning one for the time being.

    I was joking about the socks - but I would certainly buy them if they were to come out, and they must be Apple's all-time highest-margin product!

    There will be more prediction posts on this blog soon enough. I've just got no idea what they'll be at this point :)