Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Today's announcements, anticipated last year

(December 2007)

(March 2008)

Last year, this blog made a post entitled glossy black frames everywhere, where we speculated that the new Macbook Pro would have shiny black frames around the screens, and adopt low-profile plastic keys like the Macbook and iMac. We also anticipated a new Cinema Display with a glossy black frame:

"It will of course have an aluminium outer enclosure, perhaps with some shiny chrome, black fittings and generous radial corners, but when you open it up, you can expect to see a thin, glossy black frame around that screen, and low profile white keys on that lovely shiny metal base. We can expect to see glossy black bezels around Cinema Displays in the new year as well."

Turns out we were right on both counts, just a year ahead of our time.

In other respects, our later mockups were pretty close - if only we'd combined the top of one mockup with the bottom of the other!

We were also correct in guessing that if Apple introduced a glass trackpad, it would be because of the feel under touch, rather than for an LED display in trackpad, and we said they may introduce glass screens:

"It's more likely that, if the new Macbook introduces glass as a material at all, it will be used in some other way: maybe a glass screen like the iMac, or if the trackpad itself is glass, this would probably be just for the feel of the material under the finger, rather than because Apple wanted to put a screen on the trackpad."

Once again, 9to5Mac wins the prize for most on-the-money predictions, and Kevin Rose's prediction about Blu-Ray turned out to be a flop, albeit he did concede last week that it wasn't from one of his good sources. Seems I was wrong about those spy-shots over the weekend though - looks like they were real after all.