Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Apple's Home Server Solution - you heard it here first!

In the current rumor recession, the blogosphere has become ravenous over mere morsels. The iPhone 3G rumor is barely worth commenting on, beyond observing that various iPhone accessory manufacturers seem to be having some fun. Of more interest is 9to5Mac's take on the possibility of a home server from Apple. This is something that MacPredictions anticipated way back in March - here it is again, for your delectation.


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  2. Keep Dreaming. Just what my living room needs most, another stack of electronic devices. Future Macs need to be in the form of televisions. A tighter, lighter OS, Say "Snow Leopard" would be just the ticket. Give casual gaming a boost in the living room with it's own area in the App Store and sync it all back to my computer for storage. Let me control it with my iPhone/iPod touch amongst other possibilities or maybe even a new slightly larger device. Yeah, that makes way less sense than a bunch of 6.25" aluminum squares "Stacked Neatly" SOMEWHERE in my living room.

  3. Who said you had to put this in your living room? Troy your suggestion fails upon the statement "sync it all back to my computer" that's good if it's just you accessing data but what about a family of 4 each with computers. They don't want to be beholden to your computer's on/off status. No you need centralized storage of media files on a power efficient device that is always on. That way you can turn off all of your computers yet still access the storage remotely. There is no need to attempt to integrate this into TV as that prevents easy upgrades. The modular aspect of the mockup is intriquing.