Friday, 16 January 2009 rumor adds credence to larger Macbook Air prediction

A couple of weeks ago, this blog predicted that Apple would release a 17-inch Macbook Air. Some scoffed at this idea at the time. Interestingly, however, today AppleInsider reports on a posting by Chinese-language blog, who are predicting the release of a 15-inch Macbook Air model.

Not such a stupid idea after all?


  1. 15" is way to big for a machine like the Air.
    10" or a netbooksized screen is what they should go for.

  2. I avoided the Air because of the small screen, and the big border around the screen. If they changed the border size to something like that of the 15" macbook pro, could they fit a 15-inch screen in the existing case? Now THAT I would buy instantly.