Sunday, 12 April 2009

iPhone Video with VoiceOver and iChat Video

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is two months away. The big news that we're all hoping for is that Steve Jobs will be resuming his regular duties as Apple's CEO. And what better way to hit the ground running than with a Stevenote at WWDC to launch iPhone 3.0 and the all new iPhone Video.

As the rumors are steadily leaking out, a clear picture is beginning to emerge. The two biggest themes for iPhone in 2009 will be video and voice.

iPhone 3.0 will finally introduce MMS messaging (although Apple will avoid using the term MMS), whilst the new iPhone Video will finally offer a video recording feature (owners of earlier iPhones will likely be disappointed if they're expecting support for this via a software update). We may finally see the introduction of a video camera to the front of the phone, for use with iChat Video. This would, after all, be the most obvious way to differentiate the iPhone Video from the present iPhone 3G.

The new Shuffle has introduced VoiceOver to the iPod platform. This will inevitably find its way onto the new iPhone as well. We can expect it to come with the new headphones that already ship with the Shuffle, with integrated controls on the cord. However, VoiceOver will be extended further in the iPhone 3.0 software to support voice dialing and other voice commands.

Feature summary:

iPhone 3.0 software update
  • VoiceOver
  • Video messaging
  • Picture messages
  • Cut, copy & paste
  • Landscape mode
  • Stereo Bluetooth

All new iPhone Video
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Video recording
  • iChat Video
  • 32GB
  • Headphone controls
  • Turn-by-turn directions (magnetometer - digital compass)
  • Matte-black back
  • Faster processor
  • 802.11n faster WiFi

Updates: Thanks to for pointing out that the camera should be 3.2 megapixel (now corrected). Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the screen should show iPhone 3.0 - also corrected. Some people have suggested that the front-camera would be concealed in some way. I think the best clue to how this would appear is the camera on the new MacBook Pro, that is on the black bezel, under the glass - this is how I've attempted to make it look. Finally, for those commenting on roundedness of the corners, this is deliberate to reflect the shape of the leaked iPhone casing (don't know if it's genuine).


  1. Great looking mockup!

    It would have been more convincing with the voice recorder app, since that's now included, as well as the spotlight icon on the leftmost page indicator. Plus the SMS icon is now just the bubble.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Apple has said that turn-by-turn directions will not come from them, but from a 3rd party, due to licensing issues with Google.

    I like the VoiceOver idea, though. I could definitely see that working it's way in, but surely it won't require you to have headphones plugged in for voice dialing.

  2. Thanks for the feedback - for some reason, I hadn't thought about what was on the screen. Might have a look at that tomorrow.

    Regarding turn-by-turn directions, I could be wrong, but I think the licensing issues may just be to do with 3rd party applications. This doesn't necessarily mean that Apple won't license the tiles for their own Maps application... but like everything in this blog, that's just speculation. Look at it another way, if Apple are not planning to offer their own turn-by-turn, how are they planning to use the magnetometer?

  3. beautiful mock up - I would love to see a product just as you described. That being said, the word I believe you're looking for is 'matte' black back. Unless you're suggesting that the back of the iPhone is the same color black as someone named Matthew that you're on a nick-name basis with.

  4. Hi Rob. Thanks for the typo correction :)

  5. Nice rundown of the feature list.

    I think the iPhone's WiFi speed might not just depend on having an 802.1N access point. If this new baby gets the rumored new chip and processor, that should boost its speeds. MobileSafari is simply not as fast as its desktop counterpart for these reasons.

    The whole Maps use restriction is due in part to Apple's deal with Google, who own the Maps resources. Besides, I think a 3D Turn-by-Turn GPS would not use aerial view, but rather license Google's street view. That would be make it the first ever GPS UI with actual street photography.

    As for the mockup, I think most PhotoShop artists make the same mistake of altering the contour of the iPhone's rounded edges. Let's face it, the rounded chromatic bezel is the iPhone's signature look, it's not just going to be altered. The specifications behind the chrome edge's curvature is what defines the iPhone.

    Apple will move the SIM card bed on the right side before they displace the speaker and mess up the iPhone's carefully-nurtured aesthetics.

    Don't forget Steve Jobs obsesses over such things, Graham.