Sunday, 26 April 2009

Many eyeballs, better mockups

Following Linus's Law, (with enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow), here's a revised mockup of theiPod Tablet. Our mockup has been doing the rounds over the past week, cropping up on sites in Romania, Germany and Russia. Thanks to all the sites that have featured a link - and thanks to all the readers from those sites who posted comments. On the basis of this feedback, I've made the following corrections:

  • Removed the Phone app icon
  • Substituted the iPod app icon for Music and Videos icons
  • Added volume buttons to the side, and power button to the top
  • Added a camera to the back

For those who picked up on the Bluetooth icon, this is deliberately there, since Apple will be supporting Bluetooth for wireless stereo headphones on the iPod Touch with iPhone 3.0.

Sorry for all the mistakes in the previous version. Doh! the humanity :)


  1. Great rendering, as far as it can be used for full blown presentations from NATIVE Keynote and PowerPoint files. No more than 300 to 400 g or so.

  2. Graham, maybe you could explain the size, which doesn't make sense to me. As you described it (I think) its like two sideways iPhones. That's too big for a pocket. So if too big for a pocket, why not make it larger?

    While I like your size from a readability standpoint, I think its impractical. You could only carry it with you if you had a bag of some sort; and as I said, if a bag's required, why not increase the size a bit and while your at it, go to more of a 16:10 ratio? I think that's much more likely.

  3. Hi Scott. The size is equivalent to the old Newton Messagepad. Agreed, it's too large for most pockets, but so too are many other items that people carry around, such as paperback books, PSPs and arguably even an iPod Classic.
    I don't believe the 10" Macbook rumors, since I think that Apple would struggle to differentiate a product of these dimensions from the MacBook Air. And I think it's unlikely that Apple will change the screen ratio of iPhone OS based devices, since this will prevent backwards compatibility for low res apps.

  4. Stetson Gafford29 April 2009 at 00:51

    The width would be quite a bit narrower than a landscape iPhone. I might have larger pockets than most people but that seems quite pocketable to me. Definitely more so than a Kindle.

  5. Graham, I went back to the original article to find the dimensions, which you show as 120mm tall by 85mm wide as compared to the current iPhone's 115mm by 62mm.

    So do I have this right? Your mockup has twice as much screen space but is only 1/5 inch taller and 9/10 inch wider than the current iPhone?

    Because if so, it certainly is pocketable and is brilliant. Could you superimpose an iPhone or iPod Touch over your mockup to scale?

  6. Great idea - I'll do an image of an iPhone and iPod Tablet together, to scale...

  7. Add back the phone icon!!

    If this device is 3 3/8th inches wide and 5 inches tall as I think you suggest, hands down I would buy the phone version if offered.

  8. This will never sell. Compared to iPhone, it has only a larger screen. You cannot do any heavy text entry, you cannot make presentations off of it. So you still need a laptop.
    Apple needs to market something that can do most of what you carry a laptop for, while being light and cheap(er). It needs a hardware keyboard and video out. If you have ever used a netbook with a good OS (in my case a Dell Mini 9 with Leopard), you love the compact size and hate the cramped keyboard. The device needs to be built around a usable keyboard, all else follows. If you had a touch screen interface, that could overcome the small/bad trackpad problem of netbooks. What you have here looks like the "Safari-pad" that later morphed into iPhone. That thing was DOA.

  9. Should have Iphone software as the first software layer with OSX button that gives full OSX capability when you need it.

    Probably needs heptic?! feedback too.