Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tim Cook says no to "Mac" netbook... perhaps an iPod instead?

I'll be posting a more detailed discussion on Apple's earnings conference call soon, but this is just a quick one to observe that Tim Cook was quite careful with his words when he said that there would be no "Mac" netbook from Apple. He goes on to say that people wanting netbook-type functionality ("a small computer for e-mail or web browsing") may want to buy an iPod touch or iPhone instead.

So whilst Apple is sticking to their previous doubts about entering the netbook sector, they're open to positioning their iPod/iPhone line as a challenger in this area - which seems to add some credence to our previous post on an iPod Tablet.

(Updated for clarification based upon comment from ChuckGee)


  1. Hi Graham.

    Tim Cook's negative response was in reference to the netbook question. In fact, the word 'tablet' was not mentioned at all.

    His criticism of the netbook form factor should be further evidence that Apple has other interfaces in mind instead of "cramped keyboards" and "small screens."

  2. Hi ChuckGee. Good point - I've updated the post accordingly. Thanks for the feedback.