Saturday, 2 May 2009

iPod Tablet vs iPhone size comparison

Thanks to Scott, who suggested this visual in a comment on my previous post. Sorry it's a bit of a rough visual, but it gives you the idea. Also, doing this made me realize I'd got the home button too small on the previous visuals - oops. This is corrected in the above visual.


  1. hi graham, good work, but i think that there is a mistake in your design: the iphone has a very special design that allows it to be used as a game-pad. the trick is, that when you rotate it there is a space left and right of the display so that you can hold it in your hands! if the ipod tablet should work similar to the iphone (and i guess it should!) then it needs more space above the display, so that you can hold it similar like the iphone!

  2. Hi
    I'm over 60.
    Today I was blown away by the iPhone's ability to locate us in the GoogleEarth environment.
    Of course, at $100/month, that is 'way beyond my means.
    I understand that many purchased apps will work just fine without any ethernet connection.

    So, is it true that I could lighten my backpack load by about 23 pounds(!) if I purchased apps/packets without obligation to pay monthly communication fees?

    Thank you
    KWR the eternal newbie (cause I don't have kids)