Monday, 4 May 2009

Laptop hunters - the facts

Macbooks may be more expensive that PC notebooks, but consider this:

  • they use faster memory
  • they use faster processors
  • they have higher resolution screens
  • they come with awesome bundled software
  • everything comes as standard (e.g. webcam, backlit keyboard & Bluetooth)
  • they're not slowed down by virus software

The answer to Microsoft's laptop hunter ads is simple. Macbooks are more expensive because they're better, and if you were to make a genuine like-for-like comparison, you'd find that they represent incredible value for money.

I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but I couldn't resist the rant. If only someone from Microsoft would come up to one of us and say "you find it, you keep it."

(NB: the above is based on Sheila's choice of an HP HDX 18t series in preference to a gorgeous 15" Macbook Pro. Strange girl).


  1. I used to own an HP notebook and it was a horrible experience.

    At the time, I was tired of feeling isolated from the PC world in my G3 iMac, so I decided to shell out $1700 for an HP lappie with a Pentium 4. HP brilliantly engineered a desktop-grade P4 chip into a shoddy enclosure that over time was unable to dissipate huge amounts heat and noise.

    I had learned the hard way that PC companies care more about specs than build quality or user experience. Apple, on the other hand, never released their PowerBook G5 prototype.

    Ironically, these ads are making MS's case on the hardware aspect, a thing they've no control over. MS, is trying to solidify consumers' Mac doubts, by presenting these pathetically uninformed shoppers, hoping that their criteria resonate with their real life counterparts.

    Apple is to computers what Barcelona is to football. After all, they share a purist doctrine, aesthetic sensibilities, and ultimate preference of process over result. Fortunately at the moment, all that actually equates to success.

  2. Hi, I have some questions. I am thinking about purchasing a white macbook this weekend. However, I'm wondering if I should wait for the next showcase (when will that be.. June?) to see if there is any upgrades to the white macbook. What do you think? I only want the white one. Do you think they will be discontinued also? Should I just go ahead and get it, since I want it badly enough? What do you think might be changed, if anything? Thanks for any input.

  3. go ahead and buy it! the white macbook doesn't fit into the new macbook line, i guess they will discontinue it soon.

  4. your post only really had one valid point:
    virus free (for the most part)

    the rest is hogwash. Compare a Mac laptop to a similarly priced RETAIL (typically sold in stores) laptop and you get even comparisons hardware wise... if you go with business class PC laptops, ie Dell Latitude, higher-end HPs, then you get much better value for the money than Apple. Plus you're in a familiar setting, the windows world.

    This is coming from somebody who just bought a Mac Mini and is getting comfortable with the idea of Mac.