Sunday, 31 May 2009

New iPhone spyshots, in focus

Our forensic imaging team at the MacPredictions SVU (special visuals unit) has put together this mockup of how the new Compass app may look, based upon the spyshots currently doing the rounds. Enjoy!


  1. Nice work Graham. You seem to have a bent for this sort of thing. :)

  2. hi graham, i still don't understand the idea behind your work. do you want to predict what's coming next at the keynotes, or do you want to predict what could come in the future or would fit into apples strategy?

  3. That's a really good question. It's something I've been reflecting on recently.

    This blog's mission statement is "pointless idle speculation," and I take care to never give the impression that I have any privileged information, because I don't. I don't ever want this blog to be one of those "spy shot in an elevator before the keynote" sites.

    I think I'd like to move the blog more in the direction that you imply, in terms of evaluating and interpreting Apple's strategy, rather than pre-guessing the next keynote.

    Often, predictions on this blog are on the money, they just don't materialize as soon as anticipated.

  4. i think that if you try to predict what's coming up next at the keynotes you will get some media attention and you'll be part of the blogs that go mad before the keynotes. but if you don't predict right, you are the idiot in the game who was wrong. i can fully understand that you like to work out apples strategy and develope their current products into future ones. something like a 32" iMac or a 10" mac book mini. they are totally logical and may come one day. but they won't come at the next keynote. i predicted a mac book air days before it was really introduced and showed the concept of a mac key unfortunately apple would never make a mac key (maci) but it would be an interesting idea to spread apples base of computers all around the world. however, keep inventing, and keep your phantasies wild ;-)