Saturday, 6 June 2009

iPhone video - Multi Touch clickable area at bottom of handset

On June 4th, TUAW reported that the new iPhone would be called iPhone Video. It's worth noting that this blog predicted the name iPhone video way back on April 12th.

On May 28th, reported that the new iPhone would have a black bezel. This blog predicted a black bezel on February 21st.

On June 3rd, iSpazio reported that the new iPhone would have a front-mounted camera - something this blog predicted on April 12th.

If all these things come turn out to be true, then MacPredictions will have had a rather good WWDC. Roll on Monday. In the meantime, here's a mockup of what the new iPhone would look like if the Chinese black bezel component turns out to be real. Of note, the home button at the bottom would no longer be round - it would be a giant clickable area that take up the entire bottom area of the phone. Perhaps it could even have Multi Touch, like the clickable glass trackpad on the new Macbooks.


  1. I love everything about it except the bottom

  2. I agree. Everything seems consistent with rumors (although I highly doubt a front facing camera). The whole "clickable, multitouch bezel" thing is just ridiculous.

  3. Video chat is the future of smartphones and as much as I'd love Apple to release it, what does it require? The new 7.2 mbps signal? I would guess that the number of people who have enough signal speed for video chat could be statistically rounded to 0%. Ergo, Apple would consider this to be a premature feature.

    Nevertheless, if they introduced it on a "Pro" version of the phone, people could select it as ATT upgraded the signal where they live.

    So, maybe...

  4. I actually gave respect to this blog before I read its last post. For you go hark on about you predicting "iPhone Video" and "front-mounted camera" is pretty pathetic. I predicted all these things would come to the 3rd installment of the iPhone when the iPhone 3G came out. It's not rocket science.

    As for your mockup, if the whole bottom section were to be "Multi Touch" then why Apple place a small white square on the much larger button space? Not very Apple in design.

    Good try though.

  5. Ouch - that's a bit harsh.

    Point taken though - less blowing of the old trumpet, and more predicting in future :)

  6. Sorry Graham, but I've just had enough of websites claiming to have predicted the unpredictable about the iPhone even though they were the most obvious. You just happened to be on the receiving end of my annoyance with those comments.

    Happy predicting all.

  7. lol ur all wrong

  8. Oh dear. Yep, the predictions were all off this time. Ah well.

  9. All predictions wrong. So what. This is supposed to be fun, and it is for most of us.

  10. Cheer up Graham, the blog’s visuals are among the best in the Apple ‘rumorsphere’.
    I think everyone mistook the SDK’s iPhone 2,1 reference as an indication that the device would undergo major design revisions.

    But I think the fact that Apple kept rolling new iPhone app ads with prominent close-ups until recently was a hint that they'd keep the design. After all, the silver bezel is the iPhone’s signature touch of class and equivalent to the iPod’s contrasting click wheel. Plus, if without the silver bezel, there’d be no cosmetic distinction between their subscription cash cow and the less lucrative, basic iPod touch.

    As for the new $99 price point, I’m not sure there'd be the need for a scaled down iPhone Mini... at least this year.

    As for video calling, my guess is there are technical constrictions and a bit of feature-reservation for either next year’s iPhone or that mystery product lurking in the shadows.

  11. Graham, we're just radical thinkers, ahead of our time. Wait'll next year!

  12. Thanks guys - I appreciate the encouragement.

    It's funny - with hindsight, the announcement don't seem such a surprise. The clues were all there. Some had even called the name (iPhone 3GS). I would never have guessed that. It seems so un-Apple to go for a product name that is a string of letters.

    And, also with hindsight, it was obvious on the Hong Kong spy shots that it was the old design.

    I guess I was just channelling Mulder, rather than Scully... I wanted to believe.

    Still, I think the new phone looks pretty cool, and I'm due for an upgrade on my 2G iPhone. :)