Saturday, 6 June 2009

New to be announced at WWDC

On 29th May, a post on the Nike Running blog revealed that "this summer" they would be launching a new Running site that incorporates, and features new features for Nike+iPod users. Initially, that post featured several screengrabs of the new site.

Whilst the post is still there, the screen grabs have mysteriously gone. Could someone - let's say, a notoriously secretive company - have asked for them to be taken down? Could they, perhaps, have revealed some functionality from the new iPhone, which is thought to support Nike+?

My guess is that the new iPhone will support two way syncing, so that run-data can be downloaded from to the iPhone. Any regular Nike+ users know what a cool feature that would be... That, and fixing it so that it never crashes and loses your run data, just when you've clocked your best ever time.

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