Sunday, 24 January 2010

Are a whole bunch of our predictions about to come true?

It was 11 months ago that this blog first proposed the idea of a tablet computer based upon the iPhone OS. 10 months ago, we published a visual of it, that was picked up by numerous blogs around the world.

There were those who scoffed back in April 2009, arguing that the Apple tablet would run Mac OS X, not the iPhone OS. But over recent months, the rumor mill has come around to MacPrediction's way of thinking.

Another prediction that this blog made a couple of years ago also looks set to become reality this week - with the imminent arrival of iWork Touch and iLife Touch.

Plus, we've speculated about the introduction of a notification screen as part of the home screen of the iPhone OS - with the extra screen real estate of the new iSlate, this is likely to finally become a reality.

Finally, two years ago, we proposed a re-brand for the iPhone OS, to clear up confusion with Mac OS X, and clarify that it runs on more devices than just phones. This prediction also seems likely to come true next week.

Apple has always referred to both their Mac and iPhone OSs as "OS X," but contrary to popular belief, they have never describe the iPhone OS as "Mac OS X". It seems that Apple uses the brand "OS X" to refer to Darwin, the Mach 3.0 and FreeBSD 5 layers of their OS, plus various other libraries such as the QuickTime media layer. On top of this, they have two different flavours of windowing system - the one which runs on Macs, which is currently called "Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard," and the other, which runs on iPhones and iPod Touch, and soon the iSlate/iPad, which is informally referred to as the iPhone OS. It really is high time they gave it a proper name. Maybe with version 4.0, and the new tablet, it will finally get the name it deserves.

If all of the above happens next week, this blog is throwing a party, and you're all invited ;)


  1. Very logical on all points. Maybe all these and more...... or less. I am hoping for something cool.

  2. Dead on with iWork, and the iPod Tablet mockup is pretty close, just didn't get the large bezel for holding it.

    I'm still hoping that some system upgrades like notifications are still in the works for OS 4.0 for this summer.

  3. Hmm - yes, nailed some of it, but some off the mark as usual. Most proud of the fact that this blog predicted an iPhone OS based tablet 12 months ago, long before mainstream sites were talking about it.
    Was also really pleased to see that the iWork touch icons are identical to those predicted above!

  4. iWork icons are identical and the ipad exterior also wins the award to closest to the real thing. Other stuff could still happen...

    So when's the party?