Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Are Apple feeling the pressure? - New pressure sensitive touch screen technology

The BBC yesterday reported on a new technology developed by a British company called Peratech which has developed a "Quantum Tunnelling Composite" technology for an entirely new generation of pressure sensitive touch screens, which enables a "third dimension" in user interface design.
Intriguingly, the article states:
"In January, Japanese touch-screen maker Nissha also licensed the approach from Yorkshire-based Peratech, who make the composite material QTC.
However, as part of the licensing agreements, Peratech could not reveal the phone, gaming, and device makers that could soon be using the technology to bring pressure sensitivity to a raft of new devices."
Now what company with a notorious taste for secrecy do we know that may be interested in touch screen technology and 3D user interfaces? Hmm...

Oh yeah, and by the way, did I mention - quantum frickkin physics!

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