Sunday, 29 August 2010

Prediction roundup for Wednesday's media event

It was over two years ago that MacPredictions originally predicted a tiny square shaped iPod with a clip and a multi-touch screen that displayed album art. The recent leak of an appropriately sized screen component and case make this now look virtually a certainty. If it does make an appearance on Wednesday, then I think I can honestly say, you saw it here first.

Then there's the new iPod touch. MacPredictions hit the nail on the head when we predicted that the new iPhone would be called simply iPhone 4. This may seem obvious now, but there were plenty of naysayers who pooh-poohed the name at the time. We were less accurate on our mockup of the new handset however, even though the image became insanely popular after it appeared on Cult of Mac and subsequently every geek site in the blogosphere. As it turned out, the iPhone 4 looked somewhat different, but I wouldn't be too surprised if Wednesday's new iPod touch turns out to be a dead ringer.

Finally, if the new iTV makes an appearance perhaps it will include a remote control like the one this blog predicted back in May, which was featured on Cult of Mac, and something rather similar appeared on 9to5Mac yesterday.


  1. Congrats, Graham for the well deserved mentions around the web.

    I love reading EVERY article of this blog, because unlike most topical Apple rumor blogs, you commit a lot of brainpower and creativity to every one of your pieces.

    While we Apple fanboys will always fight over how our future gadgets will work and look, it's worth noting that your accurate predictions came down to pure logic and vision. Uninfluenced by Apple insiders or motivated by ad click rates.

    Here's to the continued ascent and success of MacPredictions.
    The thinking man's Apple blog.™


  2. You made my day with this post. Thanks Chuck :)

  3. A 2-year gap since you posted the original mock-ups...2 years of R&D and BAHM it's in the stores...I would totally sue!
    By the way I love the motto suggested by Chuck.

  4. Thanks Steph. I did wonder if this blog's multi-touch shuffle concept inspired the new nano. I know people at Cupertino read the blog - so maybe. Or else it's just a case of great minds think alike ;)