Saturday, 30 October 2010

Mac Prediction's Greatest Hits

For those new to this blog, I thought it was worth recapping our greatest hits to date. Obviously, we don't always get it right, but this blog has had a pretty good track record of Apple predictions over the past four years - more so than most analysts that cover Apple. Hmm, why do I do this for fun, rather than earning a six figure salary on Wall Street? Oh, yeah, I hate wearing suits ;)

10.5 Finder, June 2007

Speculative mockup of a Finder window for 10.5 proved to be almost identical to the image that subsequently appeared on - right down to the document thumbnails used.

MacBook Air, January 2008

When Apple teased us with "There's something in the air" posters, we were the first to correctly call it. 9to5Mac even guessed that we were Apple insiders. Seriously.

5th generation iPod nano, May 2008

Two years before Apple launched the multi-touch 5th gen iPod nano, we published an almost identical image. Could Apple be following this blog?

iPad, April 2009

When most bloggers thought Apple's rumored tablet would be based upon Snow Leopard, we were one of the few to consistently predict a giant iPod touch - with a pretty accurate mockup published a full year before iPad's launch.

iPhone 4, March 2010

Our mockups were a little off on this one, but we nailed the name, when most pundits were guessing iPhone 4G or iPhone HD.